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Man Cave: Ashton & Stephen’s House

February 10, 2012 funkybear Uncategorized

And now for some real life decoration inspiration for the ultimate man cave: Meet Ashton and Stephen.

Ages: 23

Current State: Texas

Ashton – Financial Advisor Trainee
Stephen – Facilities Coordinator & Event Manager for University Athletic Facilities

One of the great things about where Ashton and Stephen live is that Ashton owns the home. So they got to go in and update the kitchen and bathrooms and make a lot of changes to accommodate their lifestyles. I was lucky enough to catch their house right after all of these changes were complete and the decor was up!


A nice, solid wood table greets you as you walk into their home.

Get ready to see a lot of these dog portraits around the house. Ashton and all of his brothers received one when they moved into their first homes as a « joke » but now their collections have grown. I love the stories behind artwork!

Here’s another little doggie…


Ashton’s bed. Masculine and netural colors. Simplistic.

Perfect guy linens.

Another view of the neutral sleeping nook.

He’s organized — especially for a boy! These cubbies/shelves are multifunctional and good looking. Ashton likes to hide all of his extra junk in the drawers…What a great way to stay looking neat.

Close up of the manly basket drawers.

Ashton played Offensive Guard on the football team at Millsaps University for many years. 2 years of which they were talented enough to win Division III Collegiate Athletic Conference. Check out the bling bling he gets to show off in commemoration of these wins.

A nice tall chest of drawers serves as a perch for a TV.

A nice and tidy men’s bathroom.

Baskets — they’re not just for laundry anymore! Try one in your bathroom for clean extra towels.


Stephen’s room has much deeper, richer vibe to it.

Close up of the nailheads on Stephen’s headboard. This proves that you can include small, special details in your space and still be a man’s man. No shame in that!

And of course one must find a place to support all of their favorite teams by displaying their team colors.


This is a hall bathroom that some of the boys share. It is long and skinny, but they really know how to utilize the space.

Great use of a ladder for these guys. Clean towels, ready to go.

Another view of the ladder shelves.


Great kitchen, finished with a Dash & Albert rug!

Masculine yet chic Dash & Albert rug!

Inexpensive yet functional bar stools. Try Ikea to get the look.

Kitchen sidetable for displaying the most important items of the week…this time it looks like booze and sports magazines. Perhaps next week they will use the space to take a look at their bills?


Multiple couches make a great TV watching and socializing area in a dude’s pad.

Love the simple table decor.

Easy decor.

Comfortable pillows with a manly couch. And check out the framed picture above it…

The guys in this house love this framed picture. It features Tennesse Titans Cortland Finnegan getting punched by Houston Texans Andre Johnson. This picture was the first sign of fire that was seen out of the Houston Texans franchise. According to these guys, it is basically one the greatest picture is Houston sports history.

College blankets are great decor items for guys.

And one last dog portrait to sign out!

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Man Cave: Guys Design Inspiration

February 8, 2012 funkybear Uncategorized

I have come to the realization that most guys will not put this much effort into their home. They don’t want a home that feels like a fancy schmancy designer had a hand in it with tons of expensive pieces. What I am hearing from the male populous out there is: Functional and Easy.

Check out the inspiration boards I’ve created for all you guys out there complete with shopping lists of where to get everything. I apologize in advance for any stereotypes perpetuated by this post. Please let me know what you think! I’d love some male feedback on this one.

The Prep-Meister

Home Vibe: Friendly, clean, sporty

To Shop: Pottery Barn, Pine Cone Hill

1) Blue Heron Collection – Pine Cone Hill
2) Finish Blanket – Hermes
3) Books About Sports
4) Vintage Sports Posters
5) Ashby Dresser – Pottery Barn
6) Manhattan Leather Club Chair – Pottery Barn
7) Pharmacy Bronze Floor Lamp – Crate & Barrel
8 ) Digital Picture Frame

The Good Ole Country Boy

Home Vibe: Casual, rustic, unpretentious

To Shop: Ballard Designs, Pine Cone Hill

1) Mounted Fish
2) Suzanne Kasler Herringbone Rug – Ballard Designs
3) Texas Travel Posters – Café Press
4) Anheuser Busch Vintage Beer Sign – Retro Planet
5) Mounted Deer Head
6) Spinnaker Lamp – Serena & Lily
7) Holden End Table – Arhaus
8 ) Camden Arch Bed – Restoration Hardware
9) Chambray Linen Brick Pillows – Pine Cone Hill
10) Ranch Blanket – Pine Cone Hill

The Uber-Minimalist

Home Vibe: Spartan, orderly, contemporary

To Shop: Ikea, Dwell Studio

1) Square Mirrors – Ikea
2) Tiffany Table Lamp – Urban Home
3) Ekby Robert Floating Shelves – Ikea
4) Ceramic Books – Z Gallerie
5) Ash Gate Sheeting – Dwell Studio
6) Pyramids Ash Matelasse – Dwell Studio
7) Channing Six Drawer Console – Jonathan Adler

The Ultimate Frat-Dawg

Home Vibe: Cost-effective, Functional, Fun

To Shop: Craigslist, Pottery Barn

1) Fraternity Paddle
2) Otis Navy Rug – Dash & Albert
3) College Football Flag
4) Animal House “College Poster”
5) Stratton Plaid Flannel Duvet – Pottery Barn
6) Industrial Trash Can – Restoration Hardware
7) iPhone Dock – Burke Decor

The Mature, Grown-Up Man

Home Vibe: Classic, sophisticated, refined

To Shop: Restoration Hardware, Aidan Gray

1) Round Indian Mirror – Wisteria
2) Flash Card Art – Aidan Gray
3) Bronze Picture Wall Lamp – Restoration Hardware
4) Melissa Ann Wooden Sofa Table – Aidan Gray
5) Chess Night Lamp – Burke Decor
6) Italian Vintage Washed Sheeting – Restoration Hardware
7) Latham Leather Headboard – Restoration Hardware
8 ) Grange Leather Library Chair – Aidan Gray

Hipster Guy

Home Vibe: Charming, eclectic, playful

To Shop: Urban Outfitters, Crate & Barrel

1) Urchin Object – Dwell Studio
2) Rondo Shelving Unit – Burke Décor
3) Framed Album Artwork
4) Mustache Mug – Urban Outfitters
5) 80’s Cell Phone Case – Urban Outfitters
6) Hipster Chic Poster – Etsy
7) Langston Desk – World Market
8 ) Fynn Bed Linens – Crate & Barrel

Disclaimer: Any stereotyping that may have occurred was accidental and I apologize if a Hipster out there is crying or a Frat Guy feels the need to shotgun a beer after reading this.

** Are you a guy with a great apartment or home? Email me at and help guys around the world! You will be doing a great service to uncreative boys, fed up girlfriends, and cleanliness in general.

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Man Cave: The Beginning

February 6, 2012 funkybear Uncategorized

I have been collecting my thoughts for many months on how I’d like to tackle the issue of men’s decorating. Here’s the answer I came up with.

Inspired by: Red River Football

Um…so… This article has nothing to do with cheerleaders or football. Just trying to get your attention.

But seriously, I do have something I would like to share with the men out there.

It has been a long time quest of mine to find home decor inspiration for guys. I want to show men ways they can decorate their homes — otherwise known as the Man Cave — without feeling like their are losing their masculinity or wasting time. Since my cheerleader theory seemed to have worked, I’m going to try to teach in a manner guys understand: Visually. Let’s try television shows, yes?

The Ultimate Design Guru: Neal Caffrey on White Collar

Starting at the top of the scale, we have the Ultimate Design Guru: The sophisticated and interesting gentleman. The TV character Neal Caffrey has a keen eye for style  and a vested interest in how he presents his gorgeous home. Admittedly, he inherently has great taste due to his occupation as an international art and antiquities thief…but he still has a sweet apartment. I think you’ll agree.

Neal Caffrey = Good Looking Yumminess

Inspired by: Fan Pop

Inspired by: White Collar Lexicon

The Design Ignoramus Dream Team: Joey and Chandler from Friends

Although I know there must be guys like Neal who exist in the world (although I have never encountered one)…Let’s be real here: There are probably way more guys who could not care less about decorating. The Ignoramuses of the bunch. These guys fall into the “Joey-Chandler” category of decorating. Modus Operendi: Casual, borderline dirty, and masculine. The “average Joe,” if you will.

Inspired by: Nikhil Kulkarni

Inspired by: Friends Central

Inspired by: Unnamed

Where do you fall on the scale?

My mission for the next few posts is to gather all of my thoughts on this issue and produce some tips, inspirational photos, and shopping lists to help all you guys out there spruce up your place.

Ready?? Okay!

Inspired by: Cheerleader Central

** Are you a guy with a great apartment or home? Email me at and help guys around the world! You will be doing a great service to uncreative boys, fed up girlfriends, and cleanliness in general.

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Real Room Inspiration: Yellow and Gray Garage Apartment

December 12, 2011 funkybear Uncategorized

It’s been awhile…whoa! Miss me?

I’m excited to start posting again with some long overdue real room inspiration. This space is a family’s extra apartment above their garage that doubles as a guest “suite” when they have family or friends in town. I am amazed at how this mother of 6 (yes, 6!) kept it fresh and trendy in this apartment with yellows, grays, clean lines, and textures. And she did it all by herself with her own eye for design. It makes me want to model my next apartment after it…or maybe just move in — as if she needs another (grown) child running around. Let me know what you think!

The dark gray couch with clean lines sets the tone for a sophisticated and cool space.

(Faux) fur rug adds a splash of texture. Use clear glass, plastic, or acrylic coffee tables to enlarge a small space so that you can see the floor while holding all of your goodies on it. Optical illusion!

A view of the kitchen + bar area + breakfast nook + sitting/lounge area

LOVE the vintage finish on these bar stools. Sort of a distressed French gray — one of my favorite finishes to oggle at. Oui oui??

A clean bar and dining nook. Who doesn’t want to mix a little alcohol with breakfast? Eh?

White lacquered pop-up bar complete with martini and wine glasses and classy tumblers.

Who doesn’t like the funky lines of the chairs and the urchin-esque object on the table? Woo!

Walk out of the kitchen/sitting area and into this quaint abode. The color on the walls is calming, neutral. With pops of yellow accents! Love.

A closer view of the comfy bedroom setting.

Fur, yellow + white.

More fur! And the chair brings out more of the bright yellow that I am digging so much of in this apartment.

Crisp table lamp on the bedside table. Buy a piece of a mirror from a craft store and put a few candles on it to help vintage meet modern.

And of course, what apartment is complete without a trendy shower curtain to spice up the bathroom? Check.

Get the look:

1. The Nikki Lamp – Burke Decor – $191

2. “Slant 3″ – Cocoa and Hearts – $95

3. Stripe Shower Curtain – West Elm – $39

4. Hennessy Sofa in Topaz – Crate & Barrel – $999

5. Harry Koenig Vintage Rectangle Tray – Target – $50

6. Bindi Stripe Pollen 23″ x 11″ Pillow – CB2 – $29.95

7. Flokati Rug – Ikea – $29.99

8. Set of 8 Dizzy Cocktail Glasses – Crate & Barrel – $16.95

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Real Room Inspiration: Sarah and Amy

October 25, 2011 funkybear Uncategorized

Found another gem of inspiration in one of Funky Bear Decor’s readers’ homes! Check out this real room inspiration as provided by Sarah and Amy:

Name: Sarah
Age: 24
Job:  Assistant Account Manager at an Advertising Agency

Name: Amy
Age: 23
Job: Pastry Chef at a Restaurant

These two roommates live in a single family house that is large and inviting — but that means they had tons of space to fill. They each did it with their own style and flair that differ from each other but work cohesively in the home.

Vibe: Serene, Mature, Pretty

Vibe: Fun, eclectic, colorful





Inspiration board coming your way…

Sarah & Amy's Style

Sarah & Amy’s Style by funkybeardecor on

Found Oversized Wine Bottles | Pottery Barn
$99 –

Lush Landscape Bedding
$48 –

Custom Upholstered Spruce Street Chair in Designer Fabrics | Serena &…
$1,550 –

Target:Abbey Road
$16 –

Mallard Green Mason Bi-Cast Leather Chair | Living Room Furniture|…
$400 –

Ikea Jonsbo Oröd
$50 –

Target:Modern Serenity Decorative Mirrored Tray
$15 –

Ikea Jonsbo Bärby
$50 –

Pinwale Alphabet
$14 –

BARNES & NOBLE | Skinny Bitch in the Kitch: Kick-Ass Recipes for…
$8.49 –

Stonewashed Belgian Linen Diamond-Stitch Quilt & Shams | Restoration…
$49 –

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Blog Contest Entry: Thank You for Your Votes!!

October 18, 2011 funkybear Uncategorized


We did it. Together.

This is a big thank you from one satisfied blogger — me! — to all of my lovely readers out there who voted for Funky Bear Decor’s design on Moxxi’s Facebook page. We won the blog contest: “Outfit to Room Challenge”. I turned a funky outfit from Threadcase’s clothing into a beautiful room from Moxii’s products. Now not only do I have pride and a big smile on my face, but I also have a few little gift certificates as well. Maybe I will buy some goodies and use them as prizes in a contest. How about it??


Blog Contest Entry: Moxii/Threadcase

October 8, 2011 funkybear Uncategorized

On a whim the other week, I decided to enter a blog contest being held by Moxii, a home decor and furnishings company, and Threadcase, an online clothing retailer.

The idea was to pick an “outfit” from Threadcase’s collection and then design a room based on it using Moxii’s items. Then, you create an inspiration board displaying the results. The winners get gift cards to each retailer. But mostly for me it was just for the fun of it 🙂

Anyway, visit Moxii’s Facebook page to see all the other fabulous submissions. And while you’re there if you feel so inclined, vote for my design! Make sure you’re looking at the right one by comparing it to the picture below…all orange and turquoise for me. You can vote by pressing the “Like” button underneath the image.. Tell all of your friends and thanks for the support!

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Obsession & DIY: Wood Pallets

October 5, 2011 funkybear Uncategorized

I know I have brought this up many-a-time before but I’m positively obsessed with the many uses of wood pallets. I will need to get a bigger apartment and then I am for sure making something for myself. As soon as I figure out where this obsession is taking me, I will post about my DIY. In the mean time, enjoy this wood pallet inspiration.

Wood Pallets As…


If you find an already-gorgeous wood pallet, all it needs is a quick sand and a painted quote to add interest to a large wall space.

Inspired by: Pinterest

Inspired by: Blue Eyed Yonder

Inspired by: Re-Purposed Vintage

Inspired by: The Lettered Cottage


How functional are these guys? Love the way the take up space and add a neutral color to this VERY white room.

Inspired by: Re-Nest

Here’s a close-up version of the same image above, as well as another way to utilize wood pallets as shelves and dish racks. These would look fabulous with some funky Anthropologie dishes in them, no?

Inspired by: Info Fork 

Ooh a huge wood pallet painted blue (and distressed?). Just add some pieces of wood as floating shelves and store your spices, jams, and condiments.

Inspired by: Tree Hugger

Feeling handy? Slice a wood pallet horizontally to create a few separate shelving unites to hold pictures, books, and magazines. ** Note: You may have to add some sort of wood support underneath each separate pallet/shelf.

Inspired by: You Paid More Than Me 

Here is another solo piece of a pallet, perfect for storage.

Inspired by: Ana White

These uber-functional pallets not only hold books and small trinkets, but their owners tricked them out to hold bikes. Love!

Inspired by: Unstitched Blog

Bookshelves! How perfect for a little kids’ room?

Inspired by: Unstitched Blog


Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Inspired by: Ashley Ann Photography

Inspired by: Graham and Co.

Inspired by: Home D-Zine

Inspired by: Pinterest

Inspired by: Pine Cone Hill


Inspired by: Home D-Zine

Inspired by: Home D-Zine

Inspired by: Home D-Zine

Inspired by: Unstitched Blog

Inspired by: You Paid More Than Me

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Craigslist: Houston Finds

September 13, 2011 funkybear Uncategorized

September 13, 2011 Expensive, but worth it if it is solid wood. Make sure to check. Love this piece.

Chippy Turquoise Antique Buffet, $425

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DIY: Photographs in Oil

September 7, 2011 funkybear Uncategorized

I am so excited about this post!

One of my very first posts (over a year ago, wow!) was about the many uses of mason jars. Within my post, I discussed one particular way to use mason jars to showcase photographs suspended in oil for a unique spin on picture display.

“Lastly, a less common but very interesting way to use mason jars is to make it into a one-of-a-kind picture frame. The clear jars would be best for this, and by pouring olive oil (try to avoid the garlic kind — could get stinky!) in the jar with an upright picture, you can get a sepia effect and a new way to display your pics.”

Inspired by: Flickr

Over the past year, I have received many comments and questions about how exactly to go about recreating the photograph in the mason jar. Mostly what I have been asked is “Would a color or black and white picture work best”?

And after an in-depth experiment when I was bored to tears on one night…I finally have answers.

To break it down for you more easily, I’m about to get old school on you by using the scientific method.

  1. Question
  2. Research
  3. Hypothesis
  4. Experiment
  5. Conclusion
  6. Communicate

Now if only I had this sparkly beau-hunky vampirific lab partner, my night would have been complete.

Why yes readers, that is Edward Cullen awaiting me at our lab desk. The lab desk that we share. We share it since we are lovers…I mean partners. In science. And perhaps in life as well.

Me like-a-da Ray Bans 🙂

Back to the business at hand…

1. Question: What type of picture will work best to re-create this mason jar picture frame? Color, black and white, sepia, or antiqued/faded?

2. Research: Google helped me see if there were any other great answers out there. There are not.

3. Hypothesis: After my research and personal opinions, I believe a black and white picture would make the photo in my mason jar picture frame most visible.

4. Experiment: Using a cake pan filled with about a half inch of olive oil (don’t worry, I didn’t waste much…I used it to cook some pasta afterwards), I submergered 4 different pictures/treatments to figure out which looked best and the most clear. If you want to re-create it to figure out the best results for your particular picture, by all means go for it. Try these easy steps:

Step 1: Fill pan with 1/2


Step 2: Grab a regular color photograph.

Step 3: Submerge color photograph.

Step 4: Observe results. Then repeat for each time of photograph you are considering.


Black & white photo.

Black & white photo in olive oil.

Black & white photo in olive oil results.


Faded/antiqued photo

Faded/antiqued photo in olive oil.

Faded/antiqued photo results.


Sepia photo.

Sepia photo in olive oil.

Sepia photo results.

5. Conclusions: This is a multi-part conclusion.

1) It appears to me that the original mason jar used a black and white photograph in the olive oil.

2) However, I actually ended up liking the effect of the antiqued/faded picture the best.

Therefore as our friend Captain Planet would say, the power/choice is yours.

Vous avez des recommandations de livres ?